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Monday, June 6, 2011

Auntie Choo

Man I can not believe first of all that I am old enough to have 4 nieces and nephew. When people make that crazy comment that time flies by I know your going to roll your eyes, but it really does. I guess to get started here is a little bit about your Aunt Choo:

I was born on the day Elvis died. So because he was the King that automatically makes me the Queen. See the lord knew two great individuals would not be able to take this world on at the same time! Just remember if I am Queen that makes you all my loving prince and princesses!

Since the moment you have been born I have been whispering in your ear a very important message. That when I am too old to drive you MUST take turns driving me to bingo. The way I see it is there are 4 weeks in a month so you should all only have to do this task once a month. I promise though by this time I will have you loving it with me!

Your Aunt loves music! I can go for a variety except the head banging stuff that I will rip out of your hand if you ever try to make me buy for you. With that I love to dance and move. So this is your fair warning some day I will probably embarrass you by singing and dancing. If your dad's are around they may even have me do a little painting of the face. Do not fear I pray everyday for you that somehow you all come out with my or papa's rhythm and music love and nothing like your dad's or Mimi! I will sometime post more information about this for you.

Now as with all Dishman's we have a little fire in us and your Aunt is no exception. I will be the first one to tell you if you mess with the family this bull is coming out of the pasture mean! Now sometimes I can go from great mood to bad mood in like 60 seconds. Your poor mothers have been witness to this. More on all that also at a later time. Just remember though no matter how mad I may seem you will always have my heart. This Aunt is in for the long haul so you will never be without my love! I have giving the family my fair share of disappoint and let downs but one thing I know is that they still love me. And the same goes for you too!

I am a typical woman by I love to shop! I actually do a lot of impulse buying in which your Papa kind of has a sore spot with. Long story here too, but will go over later. Now if you ever find yourself in a pickle of what to get me say for birthdays, Christmas, or aunt day shoes are always great! I hope you can tell I have a great since of humor too!

This is a great start I feel to writing to you. I love each of you so much to the moon and stars and beyond.

If you are passer by just reading for enjoyment one thing I ask is not to make any comments that are negative. Once again I can get mean and when it comes to the babies I go to the extreme of that! Enjoy tell your Aunt Stories and just love life!

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  1. You are making me cry! Our nieces and nephews are so precious! There is so much we need to say to them and teach them! My 23 year old niece told me she would rather me be her mom than her real mom. Tears again! I have been threw hell and back with that girl, but she always comes to Aunt Beth. Family is so sacred. Now I'm getting all sappy and stuff.....Love ya girl!