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Friday, December 16, 2011

Aunt Linda & Uncle Jeff

Aunt Linda
Ok so Papa’s sister is a crazy wild woman, but we love her so! She will make you laugh for hours by just telling you about things she did when she was younger. Now don’t worry if you hear Papa tell her that he hates her. He is really saying I love ya, that is their inside thing. Now she is married to Uncle Bob who is always willing to tell a funny joke, but wait for those until your much older. They have a daughter Cassie that has 3 kids Jacob, Jackson, and sweet little Hannah Banana. They are currently living in Kansas City but when they visit it is always an adventure.

Uncle Jeff
Uncle Jeff is Papa’s brother and no they do not look anything alike, LOL. He is married to Kerry and they have 2 wonderful kids Jaycie and Jaron. Talk about a funny family and of them can have you rolling at any time. Uncle Jeff would always make someone laugh if you gave him enough time. I remember one time that your Aunt Choo got into a little situation and to say the least Uncle Jeff was there in no time.

We may not see these two and their families often, but they are always in our heart as I know you are in there’s.

Love you to the moon stars and beyond.

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