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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Phillips Side of Things

Today I thought I would tell you a little bit about your Mimi's side of the family, PHILLIPS.

Great Grandparents: Charles & Pearl Phillips

These two were amazing! I know that today if they were here you would have them eating of your hand. I know your dads and I did when we were little. Here are just some fun facts for you about each of them with things that I remember about each.

Grandma Pearl

Rylee your middle name is after her and for me everytime we say it is just more of heaven shining down on us.

She loved yellow roses and so this was passed down to MiMi and Choo.

When I think of Grandma this is the first picture that pops in my head Grandma sitting at her kitchen table in a red, white, and blue top that was her favorite. Telling Clifford (more on him in a minute) to get us kids some ice cream.

I don't think Grandma had one day with out having her kids around. Maybe that is why MiMi loves having everyone at her house too.

She loved playing cards, Yahtzee, and BINGO!

She had the best white/silver hair in the world.

Her words were the final on this side of the family.

David use to tell Grandma that ice cream gave him muscles ( and for him that is a long stretch he looked like an Ethiopian child ) so she would always give him some.

Lee was more of the outside kid, but loved dogs and they had a big one that always let Lee play with him. DUKE was his name!

Grandma loved us so much and loved MiMi so much I can only imagine how much love she would have giving you all if she were still alive. No matter what I know you have this super angel looking over you day and night.

This is actually a really hard subject for me to write so baby steps on Grandma. Ok.

Now Grandpa Phillips

Watch out this was a character that anyone who met him fell in love with. He adored Grandma and while she was battling cancer took care of her non stop.

Once Grandma passed he decided that a change needed to happen so Grandpa, Dennis, and Clifford moved to the farm in Elkland.

Your dad's use to spend the summers at the farms messing around with them. The boys loved spending time down at the farm.

Grandpa wore suspenders and a paper boy hat!

My memory oldest memory of Grandpa is him getting in the fridge for bologna that he would role up like a cigarette.

He loved the Macy's Day Parade!!!

Grandpa had a problem with keeping cars. You never knew what he would be driving because he would change in a heart beat.

This is just the beginning of telling you about your Grandma and Grandpa Phillips Part 2 to come soon!!!!!

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