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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memories Of Your Day

When each of you were born emotions overtook me. I was fine during the waiting process, but once I heard you were here, well this Auntie would just have a good cry. I cried because the Lord blessed us with another precious addition to our family. Here is what I remember from the each of your big days.


Your dad called to say they were headed to the hospital the night before. So I was for sure you would of been here on September 12th. Since you were your moms first she was nervous and boy did she not like having everyone around. They made her walk and walk, still you decided it was not to be. So this Auntie high tailed it home to rest and to let your dad handle your cranky mom! (I could only imagine how cranky I would have been if I had to go through this) Well I remember your MiMi calling me to tell me I needed to come back up to the hospital it was time. The waiting room was filled with MiMi, PaPa, Uncle Dave, Aunt Deb, Pops, Nana, Aunt Abby, Aunt Megan, Great Grandpa Dishman, and Great Grandma Dishman. I will never forget the first time I saw your dad when he came outside to tell us you were here. His smile was huge and bright. Yep this is the time I started crying for you. I remember the first time I held you in my arms I was so nervous I was afraid of breaking you. Your mom was glowing and her and your dad were such proud parents.

Hattie & Drake:

Let me just tell you two that I knew you would end up being my ornery ones. First off I am not a good morning person and waking up is a hard time for me. But on August 20th none of that mattered. Now your mom is stubborn because she does not like to admit when she needs help. That morning your mom woke up not feeling well; normal women would tell there husband get out of bed take me to the hospital. Not your mom she is straighting her hair doing her morning routine. By the time your mom and dad got the hospital guess what it was time. Your dad called everyone while they prepped your mom. I drove like a bat out of hell honking at people to move out of my way. When I arrived your dad was in gown walking up and down the hall looking scared as hell. I don't care what he says he was scared! Then they allowed him back in the room so you two could be delivered. Waiting for you all was MiMi, PaPa, Uncle Lee, Aunt Kassie, Granny, PawPaw, Great Grandpa Dishman, Great Grandma Dishman, and Uncle Lance ( I will cover this crazy fool in another post). Now because you two were not suppose to be here yet we were all scared, but here came your dad to give us the news you were here. Now you had to be rushed to what I call the "More Love Needed" department. So we did not get to see you right away. When I finally was able to see your mom she was shaking hard but both parents were happy to have two precious babies. You had a hill but you climbed it like champs!


When you were born I did not get to be at the hospital because I took care of Piper. But it made it more special for me. I remember having your dad texting all through the night and morning telling me what is going on. Finally the text I had been waiting for with a picture. I cried and remember Piper asking me why I was crying. I told her that her mommy and daddy had something for her. Well your dad could not wait to tell Piper that she was a big sister. He called her and she got a huge smile on her face. She yelled I'm a big sister! We hurried to get around because I wanted to get to the hospital to meet my new niece. I dropped Piper off at daycare as soon as we walked in she announced to everyone I have a new sister. She was so proud! MiMi met me at the parking lot to take me up. When I walked in I knew right then that I had another love. I cried again right there.

Each of you have your own special way that you came into our lives. But the love that surrounded you was the same! No one can take away these memories that I will cherish and hold dear to my heart.

I love each of you so much to the moon and stars and beyond.

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