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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Phillips Side Part 2

So Grandpa was never alone he always had Dennis or Clifford with him. Dennis and Clifford are a hoot! They love you guys so much and recently have wanted more and more pictures of you guys.

Grandpa loved going on bus trips to Branson, MO. So he would make Dennis go with him. He was the ladies man on the bus. Everyone wanted to sit by him or dance with him. This did help him get out more so we all loved it too.

When I was young Grandpa built me a table and chair set. It is the one you all play with now at MiMi's house. Now Uncle Dennis is building you all one too. He finished Piper and Rylee's and is working on Hattie and Drake's now.

Uncle Dennis took over the wood working shop that Grandpa had and loved. The last furniture Grandpa worked on was a Table/Chair combo for me. Uncle Dennis finished it and gave it to me not long after Grandpa passed away.

Uncle Clifford well he took over Grandpa's love for vehicles and you never know what he will show up in or is working on. When you get older do not be suprised if Uncle Clifford does not put you to work trying to find some part for some car or truck he is trying to sup up.

Both Clifford and Dennis do not like to be around people. But they love your MiMi very much and they mean the world to her. MiMi takes care of them and makes sure that they have everything they need and sometimes that can be a chore.

As I write I hope I can slip funny stories in about everyone in our family. I will be writing about the Dishman side soon.

Love you to the moon and stars and beyond!


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