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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting Excited

I just have to say this Auntie is getting excited about Christmas! I can not believe it is in just a couple of days. One thing that you 4 will understand is that MiMi spoils us like crazy. Right now the big tree (yes your MiMi is one of those that has a tree in every room) is jammed with presents. Really the whole room is full, poor PaPa's desk is in this room and he can hardly get in to sit down. I will try to take a picture tonight and post tomorrow.

And dont let your parents fool you they are excited too, MiMi still spoils all of us too. Really get down to it we are all still kids too. And I believe your dads are the worst. They get all excited and rip open the present. This year I think is going to be great because everyone has a suprise that I dont think they see coming.

Oh and lets not forget about MiMi's cooking. She has already been making Christmas cookies. Drake it was so funny this year; you were sitting on PaPa's lap and took your first bite and said Mmmmmm. So I believe you are a fan. (I will take a picture of these too.)

Love you to the moon stars and beyond

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